Shorty’s custom cowboy hats are made from the finest beaver fur and designed to be durable and stylish. When purchasing a custom cowboy hat your first decision is what quality you want to purchase.
This decision is based upon three main issues:
Price Sensitivity • Durability • Color Options
The higher the quality of the hat, the more durable and more stiffness it retains. A higher quality hat resists water better and can be restored more effectively than hats of a lesser quality. Please review the COLOR OPTIONS available and call to request a color swatch if you are trying to match your show clothes. Colors will appear very different on computer monitors and even from device to device. Please note that some of the brighter colored hats are only available in 20x quality.

So let’s get started creating your very own custom Shorty’s Cowboy Hat with our easy 5 Step Process:

First: Measure your head to get the perfect hat size – Measurement Guide
Select a color for your hat – Review our Color Options
Third: Select a Beaver Quality – 20X, 50X, 100X – Information to learn more about Beaver Quality coming soon.
Fourth: Select Brim Crease  and select your  Crown Shape
Select Special Extra Style Additives – Make your hat extra special with laser engraving, hide overlays, beads, crystals, etc.. View some of our Special Extra Style Options 
When you are ready simply place your order over the phone at 405.232.4287 or in store. If you need help we are here to assist and give you ideas and options that will make your Shorty’s Hat a special hat created and handcrafted just for you.
Visit our Road Schedule to find out if one of our mobile stores will be at an event near you.


$595.00 + tax     Shorty’s Custom 20X Hat (not including WHITE)
$795.00 + tax     Shorty’s Custom Beaver Blend 50x Hat (not including WHITE)
$995.00 + tax     Shorty’s Custom Pure Beaver 100x Hat (not including WHITE)