Shortys thank you for the 2021

Shortys Caboy Hattery celebrated 30 years in 2020 and we could not have done it without you, our customers! We are saying thank you with a new program called- Thank you in ’22!

Each month we will select TWO customers to receive a $250 Gift Certificate to Shortys Caboy Hattery- one who is showing off their Shortys Hat and one who lets us know they need a new Shortys hat!

Guidelines on how to enter are below. Each customer is only allowed to win once.

Submit a photo of you wearing your Shortys hat and brief description of how you enjoy your Shortys hat! Shorty and Bobbie will select ONE customer each month to receive a $250 Gift Certificate.  The customer selected will be featured on our social media and Home Page.  The more likes your photo gets and the more shares, the better your odds of winning!

Tell us why you need a new Shortys hat! Submit a photo and short explanation of why you want a new Shortys hat! Feel free to include details about what you show, when you wear your hat, and what you plan on doing with your new hat if you win! Again, the more likes your photo gets and the more shares, the better the odds of winning!

Remember to use #ShowMeYourShortys

A few Rules

  • Remember, by submitting your photo, you are allowing Shortys Hattery to repost your photo.

  • You can enter each month, but you can only win once.

  • Negative comments, photos or slander towards others will be deleted immediately and prohibit you from being selected in the future.

  • Entering more than once a month will NOT increase your odds of winning.