This hat box is ideal for storage and to transport your western hat, to shows, whether you are traveling by truck, car or in a plane! They fit great in an overhead or under the seat on a plane! The Beaver Box’s unique design features an ultra-leather surface to give it that soft look that you just can’t help but want to touch. Not only do they look good; but, these hat boxes will protect your hat like no other and they are stack-able. Each Beaver Box Hat Box comes with a stylized strap that coordinates with the color of the hat box. The Beaver Box Hat Box is suitable for all 4¼” to 4 ½” brim shaped hats and suitable for all 4¼” flat, or “open” hats. With its adjustable hat rest it certainly won’t “Toss your hat around!” We are proud that this hat box is Made in the U.S.A. If you prefer an even more signature look please contact the store for a quote to customize your Beaver Box Hat Box. Adjustable hat rests Made in the USA.